Increase your sales by 30% using internet collaboration networks

Posted June 30th @ 30 June, 2015

Small businesses are really excluded from the global economy Small businesses from many different industries, both traditional and hi-tech, have discovered a new way for them to succeed in the "global economy". It involves collaboration on large proposals, R&D and fulfilment of orders assisted by relatively low cost, virtual collaboration technology. Traditionally many small businesses join supply chains centred on larger companies. Unfortunately the companies at the bottom of such supply ...
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Asterisk - a Powerful VOIP Toolkit

Posted June 29th @ 29 June, 2015

Asterisk, is an open and powerful VoIP telephony toolkit; which can be used to give an individual the ultimate control over their phone performances.  For example the transfer of voice over wifi, eliminating phone call costs, ability to select from hundreds of VoIP providers, and how to create your personal voicemail and menus.What is this gadget Asterisk? Asterisk is a powerful VoIP toolkit, which application is easy; it is an open source VoIP telephony toolkit (server software) which runs on ...
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The Secrets of How to Make Money with Your Website.

Posted June 28th @ 28 June, 2015

The Secrets of How to Make Money with Your Website. If you have a website that sells products or services, good luck. That is very difficult. It works better to have a website that’s helps promote and existing business that sells products or services. This article is about an Internet business that makes its money through traffic and advertising. Secret #1. You don't have to buy anything. You don't have to pay someone to design and build your website, you can do it yourself. The trend now is ...
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For The Serious Internet Marketer

Posted June 27th @ 27 June, 2015

Why do so many internet marketers waste their time on ineffective practices and outmoded techniques that stopped working before the start of the new millennium? There is one thing that matters (and one thing only) in the realm of internet marketing: Converting the random web surfer into a pre-qualified, pre-sold visitor to your website. Does Google Adwords pre-sell your visitors? No, not really. Does your banner on an affiliate website pre-qualify your visitors? No, not really. There is a way ...
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Website Buying Guide Checklist

Posted June 26th @ 26 June, 2015

Can you really get a website even without knowing anything about code, and without paying a fortune? Find out. The days when websites were primarily distinguished by their code are long gone. Nowadays, the web is a true publishing medium that favors well thought-out ideas. You can get a professional-looking website online in minutes with many website building services and software. But what should you look for? What are the features you really need and which are just clutter? Content ...
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Traceroute: Know Where Those Packets Have Been

Posted June 25th @ 25 June, 2015

How It Works Increasing the TTL (time-to-live) value of all the packets that have been sent is how traceroute works. The first three of the packets one has sent has the value of one TTL and the successive group of three’s has a value of two and so on. When packets pass through a host, it decrements the TTL by a value of one and forwards it to the succeeding host. When the first group of packets reaches a host, the host then sends back to the sender an ICMP time exceeded (type 11). The ...
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Interruption To File System Writing Process Cause Linux Data Loss

Posted June 24th @ 24 June, 2015

In a Linux computer, the file system is metadata that is used for organizing and managing data that is stored on the hard drive. The file system ensures integrity of data. Along with storing data files, the file system also holds and manages important information about files, directories and file system itself (such as date and time stamp, access permission, ownership, file size, storage location and so forth). Since the file system attempts to work as asynchronous as possible, for avoiding the ...
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The Local Business Owner and Web-based Marketing. What are they

Posted June 23rd @ 23 June, 2015

/p> Way back in the 1990’s, (your remember) during the spectacular growth and hype of the Internet, one group in particular learned to doubt they needed the Internet as a new marketing tool - the local business owner. While many simply ignored it as a game for larger businesses, there were those who bravely set out to explore the possibilities. Unfortunately, many of these local business web-marketing pioneers ended up wishing they had ignored it too. What happened? Why do many who tried ...
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Data Loss When Kubuntu Linux Freezes at Shut Down

Posted June 22nd @ 22 June, 2015

When you try to shut down your Kubuntu Linux system, using KDE (K Desktop Environment), KDE seems to shut down your computer without any issue, but then your screen becomes black and your system freezes without showing any error messages and getting towards shut down. In this case, you have to press reset button and do hard reboot. KDE is a free desktop environment for Linux computers. The objective of this software is to give basic desktop features for daily needs of users as well as ...
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Linux Data Loss Due to Grub Corruption

Posted June 21st @ 21 June, 2015

When you run fsck on your Linux file system’s physical volume, sometimes you may encounter certain error messages. These error messages prevent you from accessing data from a particular volume. In such situations, technical experts recommend to use ‘pacman’ tool to upgrade the kernel and reboot your system to complete the operation. Pacman is a Linux tool that is used to manage the applications. It uses simple files in package format and organizes text-based package database. It is useful ...
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