Scraper Sites For Black Hat SEO

Posted September 2nd @ 2 September, 2015

Search Engine Optimization or simply known as SEO is one of the many search engine marketing or SEM strategies used by web webmasters to increase the volume of traffic coming in directly from search engines including Yahoo!, Google, and MSN. Although SEO is a growing strategy, contraversies revolving the methods and techniques used in the strategy are growing as well. One of its most recent contraversial strategy is the use of scraper sites. A scraper site is a website that copies all of its ...
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Very Attraction Mobile Motorola ROKR Z6 Black

Posted September 1st @ 1 September, 2015

Motorola ROKR Z6 is Linux/Java powered multimedia phone with 64 MB internal memory and external memory extendable up to 2GB. Some called it a smart phone as it includes a few cool features. Here is a brief look at this various technical aspects. Motorola ROKR Z6 Multimedia here includes music player, voice recorder, video player, video recorder and a 2 Mega pixel camera. The camera includes flash for usage at low lighting conditions. Auto save picture functionality is not present. However, The ...
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How to Make Money on a Music Website through Pay-Per-Click?

Posted August 31st @ 31 August, 2015

© Jeff Schuman II Interested in making money while you’re asleep, or making money while you’re not even on the computer? Well here is a way that you can do that, clicks!! Once you have gone through and purchased your domain name for a cheap $9.20 per year, and found a hosting company such as for $3.95 per month, you are set to begin building your website and making money. It is possible to make money by joining affiliate ...
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The Domain Name Game

Posted August 30th @ 30 August, 2015

The Domain Name Game The Widgets Corporation decides to start a Web site and naturally wants to name it Widgets.Com. But much to the consternation of its management, it discovers there already is a Someone else has registered the "domain name" and Widgets is stuck. It happens every day as the battle for the best domain names grows. But what in fact is a domain name and what are the issues surrounding their use? Domain names are simply the addresses of the Internet. Without the ...
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Choosing Your Top Level Domain

Posted August 29th @ 29 August, 2015

/p> Once you have figured out a name for your ‘domain’ it can be really confusing trying to decide on what should go after the •dot” (i.e. com, net, org, etc…) in your domain name. This part of the domain name is referred to as a top-level domain (TLD) and knowing the difference between each top-level domain is important when choosing your domain name. Below are the descriptions of the best known top-level domains: .com – This is the most popular TLD. It is used mainly for ...
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Resources for Your Small Business Website: Free Photos and Text

Posted August 28th @ 28 August, 2015

On the Internet, small businesses can use large websites to differentiate themselves from other small businesses. Continuously creating new content can be a challenge, but new content is essential for attracting potential clients while keeping the site fresh for search engines. The greater the number of pages at a site, the better the site looks to search engines. Illustrations are essential for websites. The typical websurfer has limited patience, quickly leaving sites with text-heavy pages. ...
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Why You Need A Domain Name

Posted August 27th @ 27 August, 2015

/p> On the World Wide Web your domain name is your own unique identity. No two parties can ever hold the same domain name simultaneously; therefore your Internet identity is totally unique. If you have a business site on the Internet your domain name is your own online brand and in a sense you can use your domain name as your online business card. With your own domain name your web site, and e-mail addresses for example will have that professional look, being unique to your business. ...
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Internet Marketing Mistakes that Traditional Business Owners

Posted August 26th @ 26 August, 2015

The fifth mistake in Internet marketing, and personal soap box for me, is made by business owners who do not give their clients or prospects any hooks or freebies. Too many web sites do not use the biblical law of reciprocity in their Internet marketing campaigns. The law of giving BEFORE you receive. This is also true in a lot of offline methods, but for this article, we will concentrate in Internet marketing methods. If you want a lead or prospect to leave their contact details with you, you ...
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Internet Marketing Mistakes that Traditional Business Owners

Posted August 25th @ 25 August, 2015

If Internet Marketing is important to you, the third in a 7 part series is a must for Australian Business Owners. The third mistake in Internet marketing is made by business owners who do not follow through with their online marketing with a simple follow through system. A great way to generate sales and exposure is by wowing your customer or lead through email capture. If done correctly, using an autoresopnder, business owners can get an edge on their competition by using a tool that ...
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Choosing A Domain Host

Posted August 24th @ 24 August, 2015

Due to the numerous types of Web Hosting companies that exist today, choosing the right one can sometimes be a daunting task. In making a decision on what is a 'fair' price, there are so many factors involved that it is difficult to pin-point an exact price range to expect. However, taking this into consideration, following are a few guidelines: The first thing you need to decide is what type of Web Site you want. For example, will it be personal or business related? Will you need ecommerce ...
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